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​PE will be on a Wednesday. Please make sure that your child has appropriate clothing (white t-shirt and black shorts/ jogging bottoms) and a pair of trainers.
Homework will be sent out on a Friday and due back in on the following Wednesday. 
Below is the overview for the Autumn Term for our class. 

Autumn Term Overview

<![CDATA[Summer Term 2015]]>Wed, 15 Apr 2015 16:41:26 GMThttp://www.nantymoelprimary.com/dosbarth-bedwen/summer-term-2015Welcome back to what is shaping up to be an exciting but busy term!

Numerical Reasoning week

In preparation for the Welsh Government tests in May, we will be holding a Numerical reasoning week in school on the week beginning 20th April. Throughout the week, we will be focusing on developing our problem solving skills by working as a group, a pair or individually. 
Homework leading up to the tests will also be based around problem solving to help prepare children.


This term, our topic is called 'Technotastic', where we will be learning about technology (old and new). We will be using Raspberry Pi's to input and command an avatar to carry out certain tasks on a computer screen. We will also be learning about and investigating plants for our science focus. 

Don't forget!!!!

  • Homework will be sent out every Friday and due back in on the following Wednesday.
  • PE will now be on a Tuesday, so don't forget your PE kit or trainers! 
  • Sports day Dates: Thursday 11th June. If the weather is bad, a second sports day has been arranged for the 18th June. 

<![CDATA[Global Gourmet]]>Mon, 02 Mar 2015 20:42:59 GMThttp://www.nantymoelprimary.com/dosbarth-bedwen/global-gourmetOur topic for this half term is 'Global Gourmet', which will be based on foods from around the world. We are fortunate to have Braces into school later this week to demonstrate how to make some of their delicious Welsh cakes (Yum) and next week, we will be having Warburtons in to show us how to bake some of their scrumptious bread. Make sure you leave enough room for some free samples after dinner!
Don't forget that homework will be handed out every Friday and expected back in school by the following Wednesday.
PE will still be on a Thursday afternoon with Mr Blowing (Superstars) so don't forget your trainers.
The residential trip to Margam is on Monday 23rd March. 
<![CDATA[Eisteddfod 2015]]>Mon, 02 Mar 2015 20:32:01 GMThttp://www.nantymoelprimary.com/dosbarth-bedwen/eisteddfod-2015This year, our class took part in 3 Eisteddfod activities: Handwriting, observational drawing of a miner's lamp and a poem about Wales.
Everyone was eager to impress and did a fab job of being resilient... especially with the observational drawing as I know many of you found it tricky  to show the intricate detail. 
Thank you all those who took part in the dress a leek competition. There were some fantastic entries to reflect our RE topic of religious festivals. You made the judges job extremely challenging.

Congratulations to the Eisteddfod winners!!

1st- Declan 
2nd- Keilan 
3rd- Seren 

Observational Drawing
1st- Ellis H
2nd- Lloyd 
2rd- Rhys W

Poem about Wales
1st- Joseph 
2nd- Declan 
3rd- Nia 

Dress a Leek home task
2nd- Dylan 
3rd- Holly- Joe ]]>
<![CDATA[Techniquest Trip 16/01/15]]>Tue, 20 Jan 2015 20:42:49 GMThttp://www.nantymoelprimary.com/dosbarth-bedwen/techniquest-trip-160115We had an amazing time at Techniquest in Cardiff Bay on Friday. We spent the day "learning through play" and from our experiences, we were able to explain how and why science can be fun. 

We watched 'The Materials Show' where we watched ice catch fire, balloons re-inflate after being frozen by Liquid Nitrogen and learned why you shouldn't put empty crisp packets in the microwave!! (Please don't try this at home)

After a quick break for lunch, we went back onto the exhibit floor to look at the exhibits we did not have a chance to look at before the show and lunch.

We enjoyed Techniquest so much that we can't wait to go back!!!
<![CDATA[Welcome back!!]]>Wed, 14 Jan 2015 17:43:00 GMThttp://www.nantymoelprimary.com/dosbarth-bedwen/welcome-backDisaster Zone
This half term, we will be learning about disasters (natural and man-made). We will be looking at the impact a 'disaster' has on an environment such as tourism. There will be a focus on report writing, environmental flooding, materials and their properties and data handling. 

I'm looking forward to our trip to Techniquest (17th January) to study materials and look at the exhibitions on display. I hope you lot at looking forward to it too!

PE day has changed from a Tuesday afternoon to a Thursday afternoon. Please make sure you bring jogging bottoms or leggings and trainers to avoid feeling the cold!!

Spellings will be handed out on Monday and there will be a spelling test every Friday. Make sure you practice them using your preferred method of learning (verbal, auditory or kinaesthetic).

Half Termly planner 
<![CDATA[Trip to Llanciach Fawr]]>Sun, 19 Oct 2014 13:46:11 GMThttp://www.nantymoelprimary.com/dosbarth-bedwen/trip-to-llanciach-fawr
We went on a day trip to Llanciach Fawr Manor House in the town of Nelson in Caerphilly and had a fantastic time!!

We had a look around the symmetrical gardens that are next to the house and discussed the coloured stones used, the different shapes in the garden and how many lines of symmetry we could see in different sections. 
We also had the chance to dress up in Tudor costumes. Some of us didn't want to wear the costumes, but still felt the materials and agreed that our school uniforms are much softer and comfortable to wear!!
We had a quick look around the exhibit to find out about the history of the manor house. We saw some of the items that were recovered when the house was rebuilt.
After an exciting morning full of fun, we were ready for the tour of the manor house to experience what life would have been like for people in the Tudor times. Sorry there are not many photographs due to the small, dark rooms.

We started our tour in the kitchen where we made a plague bag to help ward away evil spirits and to make sure we did not catch a bad smell. We had a choice of 3 herbs to place in our plague bag: lavender, mint and sage. Each of these herbs had a significant meaning, but after smelling the herbs, most of use chose to just use lavender because it smelt better than the mint or sage. 

After making our plague bags, we walked into the kitchen where the under dairy maid told us about the job of the spit boy who would be in charge of slowly turning the spit containing mutton, pig or hare over the fire for up to 10 hours. 

We were then taken upstairs to be greeted by Colonel Pritchard's Surveyor. He told us about the role of the house Master Sir Pritchard and the local courts. We were also informed about the feasts that would be held at the manor house and the time that the King Charles I arrived for a meal with over 2000 men for the house to feed with 3 days notice!!

We were then taken up another flight of stairs to a room where the homing pigeons were kept. This was an important room as messages could be sent to and from Cardiff in under 2 hours where it would take much longer by horse. 

Our last stop was the bedrooms of the Master and his daughters. We were greeted by the Man of all work who taught the daughters how to play different instruments. We experienced some of the games and instruments that the Tudors would have played and learnt that the beds were shorter than they are today to as Tudor people slept sitting up to make sure the Angel of Death did not take their spirit away at night. 
Our Tudor tour had finished and we had learnt a lot about Tudor life from visiting Llanciach fawr but we were happy to leave the Tudor times behind and look forward to going back to school, back to our homes and back to being children of the 21st Century.
<![CDATA[Autumn TermĀ ]]>Tue, 16 Sep 2014 18:51:49 GMThttp://www.nantymoelprimary.com/dosbarth-bedwen/autumn-termWelcome to Year 4/5. 

PE will be on a Tuesday. Please send PE kit to school with your child along with a suitable pair of trainers. 
Swimming lessons- Week beginning 29th September.
Homework will be sent out on a Friday and will be due in school the following Friday.

This half term, our topic is 'Off With Her Head', which has a history focus where we will learn about the life and times of the Tudors and the Tudor Monarchs from 1485-1603. At the heart of the project, we will learn how apply our 'Literacy and Language' skills to present a persuasive argument in scripts, reports and verbal presentations to defend one of Henry's wives in a Tudor court. 

We will be learning about: 
  • The Battle of Bosworth to understand how Henry Tudor became King in 1485.
  • The everyday lives of the rich and poor Tudor people.
  • The Kings and Queens of the Tudor period and their impact on society.
  • How to use first hand and secondary sources of evidence and evaluate their accuracy. 
  • Crime and punishment in Tudor times and how human rights have changed.

I look forward to hearing your persuasive arguments to defend Henry's wives.

Miss O'Connell

<![CDATA[Spring Term Overview]]>Sat, 26 Apr 2014 12:17:57 GMThttp://www.nantymoelprimary.com/dosbarth-bedwen/spring-term-overviewWhat a busy term we have had!!
We have taken part in many events this term and have enjoyed every minute of it. 
Here are some of the highlights:

Bike Skills

Our class were very lucky to have Bike Skills as well as Scooter skills from our Sustrans officer Roger. This was a very popular activity with more than 80% of the class taking part.  
Roger took small groups of us outside and helped us to develop our bike skills when out and about in Nantymoel. We learnt how to maintain our bikes, how to stop our bikes correctly, how to control our bikes without our hands and how to ride up and down ramps and pavements safely.  


For RE week, we learnt about Shabbat. We watched a few short video clips of Jewish children explaining what Shabbat meant to them and their families. We also learnt what jobs Jewish people are not allowed to do during the time of Shabbat. Did you know they are not allowed to handle any money, watch television or even plait hair during Shabbat! We took part in a Shabbat meal. 
The Shabbat table included:
  •  2  candles
  • A Torah (the holy books of the Jews)
  • Challah Bread
  • Squash (to represent the red wine)

Everyone in our class greeted each other by saying "Shabbat Shalom". This means have a peaceful Shabbat. 

Miss O'Connell lit two Shabbat candles and welcomed Shabbat by covering her eyes and saying a special prayer.

The Challah Bread that Miss O'Connell spend a very long time cooking at home. 

The bread is blessed by a boy. He says a special prayer to thank God for the food they are about to receive. 

Next, the wine (squash) is blessed by a boy. He says a special prayer to thank God for the drink that comes from the vine.

The Challah Bread is cut up and shares between us. May of us enjoyed the Challah bread as it was sweet.
Miss O'Connell told us that the bread should be eaten with salt sprinkled on top, but we didn't fancy salt on our lovely fresh bread.

We drank our 'wine' (squash) while telling jokes to the whole class. We enjoyed spending time with our friends and enjoyed each others company. We understood why Shabbat would be special to a Jewish family. It reminded us of the time we spend with our families when having Sunday dinner.

We all drew a picture map of the process of Shabbat to help us remember the order and when to use paragraphs. We used our picture maps to help us write an explanation text about Shabbat. 

The journey of a Ryvita 

As part of our topic this term, we learnt about the digestive system. This activity was our favourite and the most fun we have had and we learnt a lot in the process!! 
Each person in the group was responsible for representing a body part such as the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine. There was also a scribe for those who did not want to get their hands dirty. The job of the scribe was to draw a picture map to represent the journey of the Ryvita (with the help of the others in the group). 

WARNING!! These photos are not for the faint hearted!!!!!!
<![CDATA[Bones, Blood and Gory Bits]]>Sun, 09 Mar 2014 11:55:02 GMThttp://www.nantymoelprimary.com/dosbarth-bedwen/bones-blood-and-gory-bitsThis project has a science focus and teaches children about the human body. Pupils will learn how to identify features of explanation writing and using the knowledge gained, write a piece of explanation writing about the body. I
n this project, the children will learn:
  • About the heart, circulation, the pulse and blood
  • About the skeleton and how bones can heal themselves over time
  • how exercise and a healthy diet keeps the body well and fit
  • about the digestive system
  • how to work collaboratively
  • how to create 3D models using a variety of materials
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